Slow Down and Live

People tell me that they only believe what they can see. OK. When I ask them, “What three things did you experience today that meant something to you?” they look confused. Many people cannot name even one moment that seemed important to them. Over the years I have learned that unless I choose to recall my day I really have almost no idea of the content of the life I am living.

Try asking a couple of people you know and see what happens. Then stop and ponder the question, “Do you do any better yourself?” Grasp that and you have taken an important step towards a relevant spiritual life. If someone wants to know the life he or she is living, they must take time to stop, remember, ponder, give thanks and share. That is just how people remember.

God encourages you to invest time each day in blessing others, then to recall the joy of shared life and return thanks for the moments that make a difference. Doing that adds depth to an otherwise too busy life. The Book, Prayer for Busy People, can help you overcome what a dear friend calls the “tyranny of business.” This blog will allow you to respond to what you are learning and ask the community for their collective wisdom.