Getting Ready to Meditate

Like Momma says, “Slow down and live..” Many parents teach their children to look around and appreciate their own experience. Just be quiet and appreciate what you see, hear, feel and the people you are with. Still, every day you and I meet people who say, “I am too busy and never have time to relax. I am exhausted.”

So how can we take charge of “chronic hurry.” One important cure for hurry is Meditation. Meditation is free. You don’t have to buy anything.  It has no adverse side effects. “Deep relaxation” has a host of positive medical benefits.

Well, spending time just being aware of what we are experiencing is also good for the soul. And this “down time” is critical to cleaning up the mental clutter of life. We also gain new insights about self and others.  When we choose to take time to just be aware we choose to accept the gift of practical wisdom promised in James 1:5, So the goal here is to appreciate our own experience in life.  read on.


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