Breathing from the diaphragm helps separate our center of awareness from our daily activity. If we are going to ponder moments of our lives with God we have to be able to turn them over in our minds rather than be overwhelmed by them.

If you have any training in music or speech you have have a routine to relax your chest and abdomen and remember to speak from your diaphragm. Use the preliminary breathing part you have already learned. If you have no training in public speaking or singing, here is a simple way to get started. Lie down on the floor.

Breath deeply. Let the air out smoothly over five or six seconds. Count each time you exhale. Be aware of the sound and sensations of air coming in and out of your lungs. Now be aware of your abdomen. You will notice that as your diaphragm lowers it draws air into your lungs without noticeable effort. Your abdomen rises as your diaphragm lowers. Then your diaphragm relaxed naturally, your abdomen drops and the air is expelled. Your chest and shoulders hardly move. You don’t have to learn this. You do it naturally.

What you have to learn is to breath this way sitting. So just get up from the floor, sit comfortably and breath comfortably by dropping your diaphragm just like you do on the floor. If you realize you are shallow breathing from your chest, just return to deep breathing. Don’t hassle yourself if you are inconsistent with deep breathing. In time you will find it natural.

What is your experience?


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