Three Things to Open the Door

When I decided to free myself from “Busy Brain,” I knew I needed a new pathway or in time I would just fall back into old habits. We cannot just stop being too busy. We must also adopt a new way. Jesus said that repeatedly. I know it is true in my life. Preparation for Meditation opens a door into our own hearts. But we take God’s eyes with us, a whole new deal. We can learn new freedom, experience new insight and celebrate what is right in a new way. Today I carry Christ’s peace into my part of the world in a powerful way and am just loving it. And I love being with others who have decided to do the same.

There are three things most people find very helpful when they prepare to meditate: an appropriate time and place, paying attention to posture and tension stored in their bodies and breathing. I share a simple, efficient, no frills approach that many find useful. After all, you are busy.

If you new to this or have had some training but see something you have not thought of before, just check it out.

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