Getting Ready to Meditate

Like Momma says, “This is good for you.” Or maybe it is your grandpa saying, “Slow down a bit before you blow a cork of something.” Anyhow, I met people every day who say, “I am too busy and never have time to relax. I am exhausted.”

Meditation is free. You don’t have to buy anything.  It has no adverse side effects. One group focusing on just what I call getting ready to meditate claims that over 150 studies prove that what they call deep relaxation has a host of positive medical benefits. Well, it is good for the soul also. Until we can step back from the incessant flow of thoughts and concerns, from the full calendar that threatens to overwhelm us, we really cannot learn from our experience. We don’t even know what it is. Meditation is the God given dimension human thought that is the path that leads us to the gift of practical wisdom promised in James 1:5, read on.


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