Our heart’s yearn for dwelling places.

Dwelling places are words, images, patterns of thought or questions that shape our time. Our hearts and minds are forever processing, pondering, blocking or pouring stuff into our center of awareness. Meditation empowers us to shape, detach or transform the incessant flow of words and images our minds. We gain wisdom and freedom.

People have meditated in all times and places we have records of. Communities of believers have considered the art essential for being a whole human being. Meditation prepares us for each days living. Through Meditation we can gain wisdom. The result is that we learn to bless others, develop gratitude, find quiet and experience healing.

Welcome to the rich heritage of those who dwell in God’s presence. Through practice you will discover for yourself  which prayer forms that have power for you. May you encounter the living God. The resulting WOW goes beyond anything you know to expect. 

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