Overcoming Distance

Overcoming distance begins with knowing the story. We can then reach out to them and become one with their work. Here are four stories with links so you find out more.

Tahas Bible Institute

My wife and I are active in teaching in Cambodia. We support those who live there and want to bring others into a relationship with God as known in Jesus Christ. I teach Bible in Tahas Bible Institute in Kampong Chhnang. Follow the Link for the amazing story of how this school was founded. A beautiful, intimate campus fosters powerful relationships between people who have nothing to gain in this world by being pastors. In fact the risk much. But the peace they have found impels them to learn how to speak and lead.

Grace English School and Computer Center

My wife and I teach English at Grace English and Computer Center, the first school in Kampong Chhnang to teach English as a second language. A married couple who had retired from the Naples, NY school district went to Kampong Chhnang for a year and founded the school. It continues to thrive. It is a real testimony to the power of an older couple to leave something marvelous behind.

Bethel Mission

Bethel Mission was founded by the former national director for Prison Ministries, Sirivuth Ann. Centered in the Capital, Phnom Penh they bring hope to the poorest of the poor. People are living in Stupas, or burial houses, in abandoned Vietnamese and Chinese Buddhist temple complexes. They are crowded in low lying areas that floods every rainy season. They are truly poor, without money. Absolute poverty is ugly. Sirivuth Ann brings a way to make the best possible use of the little people have and a path out.

Great Commission Church

And I just love this Pastor, Kim Sororn of the Great Commission Church. He was one of my interpreters when I was teaching. Living at the extreme Western edge of Kampong Chhnang, Kim sees miles of village and rural Cambodia at breakfast. Then he heads out to his next adventure. Kim is a wonderful Christian Pastor. Some days he delivers water during the dry season on the back of his “moto.” Other days he teaches people how to catch mud fish with their bar hands. Or perhaps today is the day to bring his boom box and have a party. Well, you just cannot hold him down.

A Place to Start

There are great stories to begin with. Monthly I will bring you new stories to warm your hearts. Overcoming Distance through People

You, too, can become a specialist in overcoming distance. Click on the links and have your hearts warmed. Please keep in mind that I raise funds for each of these missions and invite you to click on the donate button. If you do, 100% of all donations less the cost of transferring funds goes to people through whom God is doing incredible work. Everyone of them are know to my wife and I personally. They are the real deal.

So if you are new to Meditation begin here. If you are familiar with meditation, you might want to begin with the four related one on Psalm 23. Both in your ministry and in your soul you will find many ways to be a distance overcomer. God Bless each of you.