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riverWhat was your greatest joy yesterday?

Would you have remembered it or even noticed if you had not just read the question and taken time to reflect?

We all cherish those who make us laugh, are unexpectedly generous or who really see us. People who are safe to share with stand out in our lives. One of my toughest bosses expected nothing short of the best from each of us. She also created an environment in which we knew that what was expected was possible. She had absolutely no need to reassure herself at other’s expense. Therefore, she celebrated our achievements sincerely.

She took time, about 10 minutes in the morning and about 10 minutes after lunch, to meditate. She would ask, “Lord, what is working?” then allow thoughts or images or impressions to come to her. Then she would ask, “Lord, Who do I need to see?” and did the same. Harriett never “puffed” people for a cheap “feel good” nor did she ignore negative moments. She was careful, however, to notice what was working. She reminded us of pushing thorough other difficult situations. She was know for sitting for a private moment with those who were struggling. She was wise.

When I owned my own business I continued her practice. By the time I retired I was known among my colleagues for having an exceptionally profitable business with extremely competent people. Actually, the two go hand in hand. Exceptional businesses are built on the foundation of its people.

To be one of those people that pick others up, we have to see the world differently. Taking time to ponder the river of life as we are experiencing it, asking a simple question like, “When did I see Your love this morning?” does at least two things. Time in listening prayer helps us remember our own life experience and be grateful for what is right. Listening prayer also help us see the people we live or work with.

You may be intuitively great at this, but if not you can learn. You will be amazed and where God leads you if you take time to find the Divine in each day. If you would like further help in the art of listening prayer, you might want to check out So what was great about your yesterday?

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I help people listen for God in their lives. As a pastor and a friend I think relationships are both fascinating and rich in their own right. I was evacuated from a war zone as a child and lived with to highly stressed parents. My life has been a search for Peace and the discovery of Joy in everyday moments.

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