About Me

About Me
Hi, there.

I am a retired Insurance Broker and Corporate Secretary of a well regarded purchase group in Upstate NY. I am also an Ordained Pastor with 25 years in local churches. I qualify as busy person. Having listened to and loved people in two careers I have learned much from both Christians and non-Christians.

There are a few things I am pretty sure of and would like to share with you. Though experts about others, we really, most of us really struggle to see ourselves. However, if we draw near to God, God will draw near to us. The more we thank God and the others in our lives, the more flexible we become. God offers us a sense of abundance that is just fabulous and eyes that see what we will not.

Everything in the Book, Prayer for Busy People, and in this blog is practical, life tested stuff that opens our lives to God’s wisdom. As we learn to listen for the Presence, we learn how to cooperate with our Creator. What an adventure! Welcome.


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