Lord, Can I Succeed

Lord, Can I Succeed?
Lord, Can I Succeed?

We have an innate drive to make a difference, especially by choosing a goal and achieving it. The Hebrew for “to live” also means “to influence.” These questions will help you become aware of where you are already successful and show you your opportunities to encourage others.

Lord, Can I Succeed? Who Can I Encourage?

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Prepare yourself to meditate by taking your center of awareness down from the top of your head to your toes, relaxing each major muscle group as you do. Ask God to come into your heart.

“By your Spirit, Lord, be with me and help me to hear what you have to say and to follow where you lead me. In Christ’s name. Amen.”

Use one or more of these prayers asking for God to show you the truth about your life.

“Lord, can I succeed in life?”  Listen without conscious control.

“Lord, do you consider me capable of success?”  Listen. 

“Lord, did you create me so I can succeed?” Just be aware.

 Jot down what came to you.

Exercise Two: Listening for the Gifts We Receive


“Lord, where was I when I was successful?  Listen.

“Lord, what was happening when I knew you were touching me with success?”Listen.

“Lord, when did I know that I had done a fine job and that you were pleased?”Listen.   

Make notes of anything that comes to you. Take time to thank God for being in your life, then go to the next exercise. If you are meditating in the morning, you may need to take a break and begin with the third dwelling place this evening.

Exercise Three: Listening for the Gifts We Give

This is a great place to dwell in the evening as it invites you to look back at the day and ponder your relationships in the light of God’s love.

Relax, take a deep breath, then let it out. Breathe in normally from the diaphragm. Use one or more of these questions to help you attend to your experience with success today. Remember, the prayer focuses you on part of your experience and invites the Holy Spirit to show you your life, but it also means you give up conscious control of your thinking. You are attending to your stream of consciousness, not managing it.

“Lord, show me how I have helped another succeed in the last day.” Listen.

“Lord, what was happening when I showed another how they can succeed?”Listen.

“Lord, when did I celebrate another’s success in the last day or two?”Listen.

Make a few notes on how you have blessed another. Thank God for the privilege of offering gifts of love to others.


Exercise Four: Listening for God’s Guidance for Our Ministry to Others

This is a great morning exercise as it prepares you for your relationships. Pray through your prayer list. Relax, take a deep breath, then let it out. Breathe in normally. Let it out. Release any unnecessary tension. Having prayed for others, ask God to show you people you can love and acts you can do.

 “Lord, whom would you have me encourage today?” Listen.

“Lord, so many people think they are failures. Whose success can I note and celebrate today?” Listen.

“Lord, who in my network of relationships needs something I can offer in order to get the job done?” Listen.

Jot down the people and acts that God brought to your heart today. Thank God for each of these people and possibilities.

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