Lord, Do I Count

Lord, Do I Count?
Lord, Do I Count?

“Give me a God-listening heart”

(1 Kings 3:9 The Message)


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Prepare to meditate: Take the center of your awareness from the top of your head to your toes. Be aware of any unnecessary tension around your eyes. Move to your temples. Relax. Move to your ears. Relax. Move the center of your awareness to your neck. You may want to move your head from side to side. Relax. How about your shoulders? Relax. Move down your spine. Relax. Your chest. Relax. Your abdomen. Relax. Your lower back. Relax. Your hips. Your upper legs. Your knees. Your lower legs. Your ankles. Your feet. Your toes.

Now breath from your diaphragm. Slow your breathing and feel you body and brain relax.

Repeat each phrase of this prayer silently to yourself, then listen:

“Lord, I seek the presence of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

The Fourth Dwelling Place: Valuing

Exercise One: Listening to the Voice of the God Who Values Us

Dwell on at least one of these prayers.


“Lord, do I count to you?”

“Lord, am I important to you?”

“Lord, how do I know that you think I am valuable?” Listen without conscious control.

What pops into your awareness? Is it true? If not, keep listening for the voice within that affirms your value. Open your eyes when you are done.

After recording in your notebook what you heard, saw or felt, the next step is to look at your current experience with God.


Exercise Two: Listening for the Gifts We Receive


Relax, take a deep breath, let it out. Breathe in normally. Remember to use one or more of these prayers.

“When during the last day have I seen you value me?” Listen.

“Lord, you have shown me in Jesus Christ that I count. Now help me see that in my life today.”  Listen.

“Lord, how do I know from my experience that I count?”Listen.

Make notes of your God sightings, then thank God for being in your life.

Let us refocus our attention on others we know. Take a deep breath, then let it out. Breathe in normally.

Exercise Three: Listening for the Gifts We Give

“Lord, in the last 24 hours, where was I when I showed another that they were worthwhile?”Listen quietly for the conversation within.

“Lord, what was going on when I showed another that they counted?” Listen.

“Lord, you were willing to die for us. What was I willing to do to value another?” Listen.

When done, write down one or two examples of how you have blessed another with the same sort of love you have met in God. Thank God for the privilege of offering blessings, to others.

Let us refocus our attention by praying for others, then asking God for guidance in our personal ministry. Rather than make note in a journal, use an index card.

Exercise Four: Listening for God’s Guidance for Our Ministry to Others

Pray through your prayer list, or a part of it is yours is long. Make notes on an index card to carry with you during the day. Relax, take a deep breath, then let it out. Breathe in normally.

“Lord, is there someone you would have me value today?” Listen.

“Lord, whom do you want me to build up today?” Listen.

“Lord, whom do I know who needs to be recognized?” Listen.


When done, give yourself a few minutes to write down on an index card the people and acts that God brought to your heart today.

If you prefer to have the exercise read to you, click here.

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