Lord, Do You Accept Me

Lord, Do You Accept Me?
Lord, Do You Accept Me?

“Give me a God-listening heart”

(1 Kings 3:9 The Message)


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Exercise One: Listening to Our Hearts for Our Experience of God’s Acceptance

Sit back and relax. Breathe in normally.

“Lord, do you accept me?” Listen for the “yes” however it comes.

“Lord, when did I feel that you included me in your circle of love?”

 If your mind is wandering, quietly sing something familiar like “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” or “Amazing Grace.”

Make Notes

Exercise Two: Listening for the Gifts We Receive

“Lord, where was I when I experienced your acceptance?”

“Lord, whom did you put into my life that delights in me?”

“Lord, how have you shown me that I have a place in your heart?”

Makes notes, then thank God for being in your life. As always you may be aware of other aspects of God’s love. Jot those down also.


Exercise Three: Listening for the Gifts We Give

 “Where was I and what was happening when I accepted another in your name?”

 “Lord, whom did I include?”

 “Show me how I have made a place for another yesterday.”

 When done, give yourself a few minutes to write down one or two examples of how you blessed another with the same sort of love you meet in God, especially love as acceptance. Thank God for the privilege of offering gifts of love.

Exercise Four: Listening for God’s Guidance for Our Ministry to Others

Make any notes on an index card you can take with you so you remember to do them during your day.

Pray through your prayer list.  You probably should not pray for more than 15 people at a time. You can mark where you left off and return tomorrow. Relax. Take a deep breath then let it out. Breathe in normally. As you exhale, pray,

“Whom would you have me accept today, Lord?”

Pause. Then: “Whom can I include today?”

Pause. Then: “Do I know someone who needs to feel at home?”

On an index card, write down the people and acts that God brought to your heart today. Date the card and carry it with you. Review your ministry notes from previous days and mark the ones you have done and record the completion date. What are the results you are experiencing? Make a note of them as well.

If you prefer having the cycle read to you, click here.

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