Lord Do You Love Me?

He leads me besides the still waters
He leads me besides the still waters

“Give me a God-listening heart”

(1 Kings 3:9 The Message)


God promises us that we can trust (have faith) because of demonstrated love. Since it is the nature of love to initiate relationships, then maintain them we can find where we know that love in our lives if we look.

This cycle is designed to help you discover for yourself when God has loved you in a way that you know this is all real. You may realize one or more times immediately or this may take you some days or weeks or even longer to “tune into.” You may want to read this through to get the idea, then if you are new to Meditation, go to Prepare to Meditate and when you are done return.

When ready, repeat this question to yourself in your own words and listen to how your heart responds.

Lord, do you love me?

This is one of the basic promises of God. The answer is “Yes.” It is always “Yes.” As a matter of fact we have all experienced times in which we were unloved, loved if we did what others wanted, told we were loved when we were being used and other experiences around being loved. At times of anxiety, frustration or in an attempt to force God we have probably also believe that God does not care, God only cares sometimes, God likes us better than so and so because we are better than they are. I am asking you to be aware of these other answers to the question, but also to learn to move them aside so you can hear the “Yes.” All the other answers are real and over time need to be examined, but for the moment I suggest you just focus on hearing “Yes” or its equivalent.

Now we experience God differently. Some people are hearers and when I say listen they hear words. Some people are primarily seers. Right off the bat they will have I picture of some moment in their lives usually with a friend or in nature in which they have seen God in the beauty of holiness and known they were loved. Ask them if they hear God’s voice they will look quite baffled because their hearing is really a form of seeing. Others just sense the Presence of God. Maybe they are thinking about a friend then feel connected then know that God has blessed them or wants them to make a contact. They don’t see the friend, they don’t hear a voice but they know the blessing and that God was a part of it.

So please, don’t frustrate yourself because you “see,” “know,” “intuit” or whatever. These are all “equivalent” and show you that God knows you and respects how you experience life.

When you know that God loves you from your own internal experience, thank God for being Present to you and make a note in a journal.


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