Spiritual Exercises

Spiritual exercises are generally used for a day to two, a week at the most. They are intended to open your eyes to the conversation of your heart so you can go beyond thinking about things. When you hear them from your heart they may become life building moments. The exercises all begin with a time of relaxing, slowing down to help you listen to your thoughts rather than manage them. Then at some point I will encourage you to make use of some form of King Solomon’s prayer. We call Solomon wise because he practiced the art of living with a “God Listening Heart” 1 King 3:9 The Message.

Taking a break from actively managing your may be something new for you. The content I suggest is more of a window through which to look than a task to work on. To become aware of the difference between Attending and Managing, use the first exercises a few times. I will also encourage you to breath from your diaphragm. If you have any training in public speaking or singing you already know what I mean. If you are not sure, click here.

After learning to take a break from management, learn to use King Solomon’s prayer often, “Lord, what do you want me to understand.” We call Solomon wise. What he asked God for was a listening heart. 1 Kings 3:1-15. The use of open ended prayer directed to God helps you look were God’s presence is to be found. It is an amazing thing to be taught about life from the Creator of life. God will help you gain new insights, develop your sense of purpose, strengthen your ministry to others and integrate your experience and your faith. And that is just for starters, really.

Now pick any meditation or cycle, relax, listen and be blessed!

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