Psalm 23, Part 4

Over flowing cup
My Cup Overflows

Where Life Goes:

Does you cup overflow? Are you overwhelmed. Do you wonder how does life end? How do the chapters of life end? How do your transitions end? Do you believe as some that if today is good, tomorrow you pay? Do wait for the other shoe to drop or is life too short? The is the fourth in a series of 4 meditations on Psalm 23. To begin at the beginning, click here.

David’s choice was that if you trust God’s intentions towards you, you also know that good out weighs the bad, joy begets joy and blessings overfill the heart. In the end, all is worth it and we experience “Cup Overflow.” That is a good thing.

David’s summary of life is captured in the image of a great banquet feast. Our enemies are able to see us but unable to touch us. God, our host, extends a warm welcome and a full cup. The abundance is from God’s hand. Life is not just random events. Sooner or later we end up at the table, We experience “Cup Overflow” and are laughing with family and friends. This is all God’s doing. “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for all time.

Remembering the End Now:

Of course this is something we wish for, but it is not wishful thinking. David invites you to remember banquet moments in your life. What is one of yours? Perhaps when you got your first bike. I remember mine. Or when you held your younger sister or brother. I remember my sister’s eyes. She was so small, but here eyes were amazing. You will soon ask God to show you a banquet from your life. Don’t try to remember. Just allow the memory to come. Relish it. Be grateful. It was prepared especially for you by God.

Relax and slow your breathing. Pay attention to the flow of our thoughts. You are not managing them, they are coming. You will notice that repeating the words from David will effect what comes. Allow these words to be heard in the depth of who you are and they make a difference. We begin from our observed experience what we believe, the Word of God has power to effect us.

You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows. Ps 23: 5 NIV  

Lord, when did I experience a banquet from your hand?

If you prefer, I would be glad to read this to you, but keep in mind my voice may be something of a distraction. After using this exercise for a few days, you may want to just know the verse and do the exercise entirely within your mind. Feel free to click here.




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