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In 2009 I wrote Payer for Busy People to provide a simple way for Christians to recover our knowledge of meditation as taught in the Scriptures.If asked, many Christians cannot answer the question,

“What difference did belief in Jesus make in how I treated someone today?”

Jesus instructed his disciples to pay until they “received the gift from on high” Luke 24: 36-49. That gift is the Holy Spirit in which we find our peace, our understanding and our power as God’s hands upon the earth. If you think about it the Gospels present moment after moment in Jesus’ life in which he offered blessing to others: the rich young ruler, the woman caught in adultery, Simon the Pharisee who invited him to lunch and the woman at the well. If you listen for the Spirit’s leading you will also bless others in specific ways in specific moments of your life, will earn to savor your ministry to others and thereby learn how to share with others the difference faith in Jesus makes in how your treat others.

The website gives you an outline of the book and some valuable online resources. This blog gives you some “bit sized” pieces and an opportunity to respond to what you are experiencing or already know and have your questions answered. Thank you for your time and attention. My God bless you richly.

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