Virtue and Vice: Who Do You Listen to?

I’ve been thinking about the difference between virtue and vice in Christian thought. I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

I looked at the related human behaviors, persistence and stubbornness and meditated on them for a while.

Persistence is the art of pursuing the same goal by different means until learning what works or learning to modify the goal. Persistent people learn from others  and their experience.

The Biblical expression for “stubborn” is “stiff necked.” The Israelites raised goats as well as sheep. Put a rope on a lamb and give it a tug and they will generally respond by following you. Now try it with a goat. This is “stiff necked.”

stubborn-goatNow persistence and the related idea of perseverance are virtues. Stiff-necked or stubborn is a vice. They are both about being consistent and pushing ahead in spite of obstacles.  So why does God recommend persistence but warns against stubborn?

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I help people listen for God in their lives. As a pastor and a friend I think relationships are both fascinating and rich in their own right. I was evacuated from a war zone as a child and lived with to highly stressed parents. My life has been a search for Peace and the discovery of Joy in everyday moments.

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