What’s the Difference

same workI love this. It was posted by a person involved in an organization encouraging life change.

I immediately thought of two people my wife and met in Phnom Penh, Cambodia the other day. One, a driver, was miserable about everything. One, a woman struggling with mood swings, was looking forward to rejoining her family. He had no hope. She was optimistic that she would continue to get better at managing the turmoil of her own soul.

Hum. I read one time that Truth is like a cat. There are hundreds of ways to grab a cat but only a couple are helpful if you want to carry it. What makes the difference between those who take a step and those look at a useful Truth and do nothing?

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I help people listen for God in their lives. As a pastor and a friend I think relationships are both fascinating and rich in their own right. I was evacuated from a war zone as a child and lived with to highly stressed parents. My life has been a search for Peace and the discovery of Joy in everyday moments.

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