Lord, Will You Protect Me Now and Forever?

pbp LifeThe Hebrew word for life means both living as breathing but also also living as having influence among the living. Death means both having no breath in us but also having no influence among the living. Our ancestors even as far back as living in caves took care to protect the bodies of the dead but also to preserve personal possessions and even picked pictures in the rock of burial places. We all feel vulnerable at times because we are, vulnerable as people with hope, dreams and expectations, vulnerable as people with bodies that eventually fail us. This place of dwelling is to consider another promise of God. We are protected. We do not have to protect ourselves, in fact we cannot but the good news is that we don’t have to.

Relax. Breath from the diaphragm. Allow your minds to slow down and your thoughts to just come to you without conscious control

Morning Meditation:

Lord, do you protect me?

Lord, do you take care of me in tough situations?

Lord, let me see your care? 

Pray for others however you normally do.

Now relax again.

Lord, who would you have me protect today?

Lord, is there anyone you want me to stand beside today?

Lord, who can I bless?

Make notes of the person or people God wants you to minister to today and go do it!


Evening Meditation:

Relax. Breath from the Diaphragm. Let go of you mind. Pray a God listening prayer and just be aware of what comes to you.

Lord, where did I see your protecting love today?

Lord, who did I bless in your name?

Lord what is left to be don tomorrow?

When you sense you are done, return thanks for God’s presence in your life and make notes.

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